Richard Overby

Residential - Sales Associate

Direct: 316.519.2545
Office: 316.686.7281
As a credit manager with a 7 figure credit authority Richard learned the importance of comprehensive research and attention to detail.  An award winning history in marine sales sharpened his skills on the human side of transactions.  His business plan is built on customer satisfaction.  The majority of his clients are referred by other satisfied clients.  Richard is a supporter of the arts and recognizes the value of Wichita's creative community.

Richard was the best, constantly on top of our needs at all hours/days. He cared for our wishes and family needs. We greatly value all his hard work and dedication to us.

- Caleb & Michelle Campbell
August 2019

Both Richard and J. P. Weigand are extremely professional, amiable and clearly willing to go the estra mile to be sure that all of the I’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. I have already highly recommended Richard and J. P. Weigand and would be delighted to work with them again.

- L.S.
February 2014

(what stands out most is) how difficult it was and how calm Mr. Overby remained throughout. I will recommend Mr. Overby every chance I Have.

- M.R.
July 2015

Richard worked with us in very trying circumstances. I was out of town most of the time. We had to chat and make decisions at all hours yet it worked out very well.

- C.E.
June 2015

He helped me avoid a bad real estate decision. Richard is an excellent Realtor.

- M.M.
April 2014

This is the first time I have sold a house and additionally I was doing it by myself as my husband is now in a nursing home. Richard explained each step to me thoroughly. He was professional always and compassionate whenever necessary. His judgement was astonishingly intuitive and accurate.

- A.M.
May 2010

Honest, forthright, considerate, knowledgeable and personable. Our sincerest thanks to Richard

- B.G.
November 2010

We love Richard. We will remain friends. I hope to be in this house 20 years, but if we move we will call Richard.

- P.H.
August 2010

He is a “good guy” easy to talk to and work with

- T.S.
April 2013

He is patient, He listened to our every concern. Then he did whatever he could do to fix the problems.

- B.C.
September 2009

Richard’s service is above the call of duty for a Realtor.

- C.T.
November 2008

Extremely conscientious, available, knowledgeable, friendly The best REALTOR we have ever worked with!

- D.I.
August 2007

I was impressed with his response to our needs. …a strong sense of trust and integrity.

- D.N
June 2007

Richard went above and beyond what I expected from a REALTOR. I can’t imagine what more he could do. He already surpassed my last real estate agent who I had qualified as excellent. Impressive!

- T.P.
April 2006

He handled a difficult situation with grace and ease.

- J.H.
May 2006

Richard was always there to help through any issue , big or small. He is first rate.

- D.D. & J.C.
June 2005

Excellent-Professional- Caring

- A.R.
November 2004

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